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ICACSE 2020 - International Conference on Advances in Civil & Structural Engineering

Scope of the Conference

The ICACSE 2020 is being held at Government College of Engineering Karad in India under the aegis of TEQIP-III. The Civil Engineering Department of Government College of Engineering in association with the Civil Engineering Department of Rajkiy Engineering College, Azamgarh is planned on the occasion of completion of 60 years of Government College of Engineering Karad its existence. The ICACSE 2020 conference will mainly focus on various challenges faced in the Civil and Structural Engineering in the changing scenario and provide viable solutions.

Objectives of the Conference

The Objective of this conference is to enhance the information exchange of theoretical research and practical advancements at national and international levels in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environment Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, GIS & Remote Sensing, Materials in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computing in Civil Engineering and Construction Management. This encourages and promotes professional interaction among students, scholars, researchers, educators, professionals from industries and other groups to share latest findings in their respective fields towards sustainable developments.

Dr. A. E. Wagh
Director, Technical Education, M.S.

Prof. P. M. Khodke

Prof. D. R. Nandanwar
J. D., Regional Office, Pune

Prof. S. P. Yavalkar
Coordinator, SPIU, TEQIP-III, Mumbai, M.S.

Prof. A. T. Pise
Principal, Govt. College of Engineering, Karad

Prof. S.P. Pandey
Director, Rajkiya Engineering College, Azamgarh

Prof. S.S. Valunjkar
Professor and Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Prof. B.A. Konnur
Associate Professor

Prof. A. B. Landage
Assistant Professor
Organized by

Department of Civil Engineering, Government College Of Engineering, Karad


Department of Civil Engineering, Rajkiya Engineering College, Azamgarh