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Sponsorship for ICACSE - 2020

Likely Sponsors : TEQIP-III

Sponsorship Details
We seek liberal support from Industry / Institutions for participations and sponsorship
· Patron (Eligible for free 4 Delegates) - Rs. 1,00,000/ and above
· Sponsor( Eligible for free 2 delegates) - Rs. 75,0000/- and above
· Co-Sponsor( Eligible for 1 delegate) - Rs. 50,000/ - and above

Souvenir and Exhibition
It is proposed to bring out a souvenir on the conference and organize an exhibition on Structural, Material, Water, Land, Remote sensing, Advanced Explorations and Environmental Technologies at the venue. The prospective advertisers and exhibitors of the equipment, hardware and software technologies are invited to the conference.

The tariffs are as detailed below:

For Exhibition · For Indian Companies: Rs.20,000/-
· For Foreign Companies: 200 USD
For Souvenir · Full Page Back Cover: Rs. 15,000/-
· Full Page Inside Front Cover: Rs. 10,000/-
· Full Page Inside Back Cover: Rs. 9,000/- · Full Page Inside: Rs. 7,000/- · Half Page Inside: Rs. 6,000/- · Inside Quarter Page: Rs. 5,000/-